Make Your Book Your BEST Business Development Tool

Your Book Can Transform Readers Lives, Attract Your Ideal Clients & Get You Booked on Major Media…If Done Right

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You’ve put a whole lifetime of experiences and hard-won wisdom into your book, it deserves more than the typical business card treatment where someone looks at it once and throws it in the trash.

No. Your book should serve to attract the kind of clients you love and the opportunities you deserve.

But way too often books become mere business cards, tossed in a stack or shut on a shelf after a short-lived, haphazard, consumption.

When, in reality, your book should be just the hook…
The hook that stamps your authority in the world and leads to new audiences and new opportunities.

Your book should serve as the bridge between you and the transformational journey you are destined to take your readers on.

That’s why we’re committed to bringing our decades of experience in the publishing industry together to help you as an author excel in life and in business by turning your book into an asset…Not just a business card.

The Transformational Author Marketing Method course is the comprehensive, step-by-step, playbook for turning your book into a business building asset.


Designed and presented by two authors – one a marketing and business expert and the other a publisher – we bring you knowledge from over 20 years of real life experience and wisdom to look beyond your book and make a lifelong impact in your business and in the lives of your readers.

Here’s what we know won’t make your book an asset:

  • Releasing your book on amazon just to “see what happens” and praying to the book Gods that you’ll hit number one (or maybe even just the top 500).
  • Pulling a “Spiderman”: bounding in completely unexpectedly and unannounced, dropping your new book to a totally unsuspecting audience who had no idea you were working on it, let alone that they need to “buy it right now!”
  • Thinking that the book launch is the plan; that somehow a single book launch is the same as the marketing plan and is going to lead to years and years of ongoing business…
  • Making the assumption that the years spent planning and writing your book equates to a marketing strategy, (or that those six hours pre-launch will suffice).
  • Fantasizing about holing up in a cabin in the mountains to write a book without thinking about the bigger picture and plan, as if Steven Covey disappeared into the woods and magically re-emerged with The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
  • Doing one, some, or all of the above and thinking you can still help transform lives through your book. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but with no marketing plan you may as well not have a book.

What happens when authors make those fatal mistakes?

They launch their book and the only three copies sold go to your Mom, your spouse, and your strange Aunt Jane… who loves leaving five page long reviews gushing over you…

And after all that work, all that time, all that effort…you’re left with nothing to show for it.

Except maybe an “expectation hangover”… the massive letdown after all you’ve been promised as a result of your hard work writing this book but you’re left empty handed instead.

We’ve seen it happen too many times… the week after a book comes out authors are burnt out, fed up, over it, and quit before they’ve even really hit the starting line.

They’re just flat out done and ready to chuck that book in the garbage…with the rest of those business cards.

And, instead of it being an asset to your business, your book becomes a relationship burning liability and an effective anti-marketing machine.

So you spend more time trying to hide it, burn every copy you can find, and denying that you’re the person on that back cover, than reaping the rewards of your hard work.

The worst part about when that happens?

The world doesn’t get access to the stories and experiences in your life that have given you the unique perspectives and knowledge that the rest of us need to learn from.

The rest of us who will never live the life you’ve lived, had the experiences you’ve had, and learn from the wisdom you’ve captured in your book.

That’s the worst outcome imaginable.

When that happens, your unique knowledge is lost in the Amazon ether, or hidden on a forgotten shelf in the bookstore, locked behind a title left to be discovered only by chance… or luck.

We’ve seen that happen too many times to let it happen to you.

We can’t sit back any longer as brilliant authors write brilliant books that do not get what they deserve.

And that’s exactly why we created the Transformational Author Marketing Method…

Your book is so much more than a business card…

It is the mechanism to bring you the clients and media exposure you deserve to share your wisdom with the people who need it the most…

It is the catalyst for creating transformations in your readers that leave them wanting more…

And it is the bridge to your best opportunities, not the final destination.

And – above all – it should be in the hands of your audience.

But that only happens with a plan.

Like everything in business, success rarely happens by chance.
But it does happen with purpose.

The Transformational Author Marketing Method gives you the cheat codes of the book world, distilled from selling millions of books and publishing dozens of New York Times bestsellers, to successfully write and launch a book that is an asset to your business.

Just beginning to turn your dreams of writing a book into a plan? Don’t go a step further without this!

Holed up alone in that cabin in the woods, halfway through writing your book? Come down off the mountain, friend, and actually make a difference with that book…

Have a book out there already that you’re hiding from the world because it feels like a liability or it flopped on first launch? Let’s revive that sucker – it’s not too late!

Just Imagine…

You build a solid foundation for your business and become a lighthouse, shining your light and brilliance out into the world.

Your book shines out your unique message to the world, finding weary travellers at the moment they need you most, guiding them safely to shore where you can best serve and support them.

That’s what the Transformational Author Marketing Method is all about.

Here’s what’s Inside:

  1. The Author’s Lighthouse: how to shine your light out into the world through your book with a solid, eternal, foundation. A marketing principle unlike any you’ve seen before.
  2. Your Book: master the craft of creating compelling content with all the elements of a great book and a great story.
  3. Your Business: how to strategically turn your book into a business development tool, including offers that naturally flow from the book and a clear journey for your customers.
  4. Your Brand: how to leverage your book to get media, grow your audience, and position your brand both online and in person for a presence that grows beyond your book.
  5. The Author Life Cycle: tying all the pieces together to establish what your life as an author looks like and how your book fits into the bigger picture of your business in the long haul.

Learn these principles once, use them for a lifetime…

Transformational Author Marketing Method is
the playbook for your book.

This isn’t the single lane, single focus, act of writing your book…

No, this is the 360-degree view of what it takes to have real success as an author in today’s day and age.

This is how you take something you’ve so carefully and passionately created, and turn it into a lifelong, multi-touchpoint asset for your business.

This is how you create a book that shines out your unique message to the world, finding weary travellers at the moment they need you most and guiding them safely to shore where you can best serve and support them.

But who are we and why take our word for it?

We’re not just authors…
Not just a publisher…
Not just a business and marketing coach…

We’re two people who have actually walked this path from beginning to end ourselves, many times over, and know the pitfalls to avoid and keys to success.

We’re coming from a place of experience, longevity, and a desire to change lives. (Not just spouting dreams and promises.)

Hi, I’m George Bryant!

It took me eight years, with the odds stacked against me and a book in a very small and specific niche, to launch my book. That book went on to become a New York Times bestseller for 22 weeks, sold over 175,000 copies, and became an invaluable asset for my business. I’ve helped hundreds of authors do the same, and consult with major publishers on how to create marketing plans for their authors. Nowadays I help companies ethically scale to 8, 9, even 10-figures as a business and marketing coach. This course teaches you the same foundational principles that I’ve successfully used with hundreds of brands, entrepreneurs, and impact-makers. Focusing on creating powerful and tangible transformations by building relationships and out-caring the competition is key to what I teach everyone, regardless of the medium. What better way to help people achieve massive transformations than through your book?

Hey, I’m Jesse Krieger!

Over the last six years, I’ve had the privilege of helping over 100+ authors create and publish their books and bring their dreams to life. In 2012 my book Lifestyle Entrepreneur became a bestseller in Asia about my own 10-year journey with being an entrepreneur in a creative way. I went through the experience again when a second publisher released my book in the US in 2014. By the time that second edition came out, I had learned all the things that I missed in the first version, and was able to implement those techniques, translating into a business that’s generated over six figures consistently. My publishing company, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, has since grown from a glorified self publisher to having distribution across North America, partnering with book providers like Ingram and growing our own team of over 50 experts in the industry that help our authors reach more readers and sell more books. This course, for me, is the distillation of all those experiences and expertise so this book can be your best book.

Our commitment to you is to help you shine your light as bright as possible through your book and your business. We’re here to pull back the curtain, be completely authentic and transparent with you, and leave no stone unturned so we can help your book be a transformational vehicle and an asset for repeated success.

Our commitment to you is to make your book your best business development tool.

Don’t just take it from us…

Take it from Dane Maxwell, the entrepreneur responsible for The Foundation, whose book Start from Zero became the number one bestseller in entrepreneurship, logging 1000s of orders before the book was officially released

Or Camille Virginia’s Offline Dating Method, which led to a movement of helping people master the art of meaningful connection. Camille used Transformational Author Marketing methods to create a business building asset out of her book, doing over 100 live workshops, over 50 international media outlet features, and reaching fans in over 100 countries.

And even Ryan Michler, Founder of The Order of Man, and his book Sovereignty which has helped millions of men step more fully into their role to protect, provide, and preside over themselves, their families, their businesses, and their communities. Ryan has been instrumental in changing today’s conversations and landscapes around masculinity.

That could be you, too…

Having a strategic plan, support, and peace of mind about your book’s existence in the world.

Making a massive impact with your knowledge.

Growing a community and building relationships while creating transformations.

Earning the coveted spot of bedside table staple with your book.

Being wholly, completely, and confidently in control of the purpose of your book, knowing that when you share it with the world you’re going to help others achieve the results that you set out to help them achieve.

Inside the Transformational Author Marketing Method Course:

5 comprehensive modules taking your book from words on a page to a business building asset:
The Author’s Lighthouse, Your Book, Your Brand, Your Business, The Author’s Life Cycle

10+ hours of videos sharing 20+ years of combined experience and wisdom

Monthly open office hours and Q&A with Jesse and/or George

Facebook community of like-minded authors & entrepreneurs

Bonus Jesse’s 10K Before Launch Course: How to 10x your book sales revenue with a pre-launch campaign.

PLUS George’s Email PhD Program: The only hooks, headlines & copywriting education you’ll ever need.

For a Limited Time You Can Access the Transformational Author Marketing Course for FREE ($997 Value)

Access to over 20 years of combined experience in the book business and millions of books sold: priceless.

Here’s the thing:
the hardest part is you committing
to your book – the rest of this is easy.

You’ve already committed to the dream of a book, wished (or beat) it into existence, spent hundreds of hours putting fingers to keyboard, wrestling with every last word on the page…

Taking the time to market it effectively and turn it into an asset for your business isn’t just the easiest part, but you’re also doing yourself and your book a disservice if you don’t take the time to set it up for success.

As far as we see it, you have two choices:


Run the race and see how it goes while you’re somewhere in the middle of it, scramble to find direction, struggle, sweat, and hate the process.

Or, do the work and preparation so you can confidently know that you’ve won the race before you’ve even laced up your shoes.

The choice is yours.

We’re here to support you either way.

But your book deserves the world, because the world deserves your book.

Let us show you what it really takes to reach people you’ve never met in places you’ve never been with your story, your wisdom, and your experience, so that you can shine your light.

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    What if my book is already out or I’m self-published?

    If your book is already out and you found your way here, this is the complete process to relaunch and increase your results. In other words, this training works regardless of where you are in the process of writing a book.

    Does this course guarantee I’ll be a bestseller?
    No. This course gives you all of the strategies and proven marketing methods that we’ve pioneered and executed on over the last 10+ years. So, this method works provided that you work the method.
    Do I have lifetime access to the course?
    Yes, you do! We may also add more content as this course grows, which you will have access to as well.
    How does the training work?
    Once you purchase the course, you’ll have access to the entire course material to work at your own pace. We’ll also check in with you on a weekly basis via email to guide and support you as you work through the course material module by module.
    How much time do I need to invest in this course?
    We recommend carving out 1-2 hours a day, 3-4 hours a week, minimum, in order to build momentum and achieve the best results. Anything outside of that determines how much faster you’ll see results and success.
    I’m concerned about the cost of the program, will it pay off?
    In this course we’re teaching you how to use your book to build your business and brand. The real return in investment in this course is not from books alone, but from increased business revenue and opportunities. One new client for your business will more than pay for the investment into this education.
    What if I hate marketing?
    TAMM is a new way of looking at “marketing” through serving your readers and audience with your message. We help you see that talking about and helping people with the ideas in your book IS the best marketing. So, we’ll assume that you love talking about and helping people with the ideas in your book. If that’s not true, this course isn’t for you.