Module One

Overview Introduction

A Heartfelt Welcome to Transformational Author Training!
Our intention for you with this course is to fully equip you to write, publish and promote a great book that becomes your best business development tool.
This is all about how to illuminate your path to reach a wider audience and develop deeper relationships with your readers. You will learn how to build an asset that can help people you’ve never met, in places you never been, as well as attract the perfect clients to your business

Beacon of Belief

In this video you will learn how to craft your Author Lighthouse which is the analogy we use for how your book impacts readers and attracts clients with the light you shine. George Bryan will break down an evolutionary concept – How you structure “the why”,
“the what” and “how” in your business so once those pieces are in the place you can shine your light farther and wider.

Captain’s Assessment

Learn how to identify the “before state” that your readers are in, your customers are in, your potential clients are in and how to illuminate the journey you are helping them take. That journey leads to their desired “after state” which is what they want. You will master this skill by tuning into both external and internal beliefs and how to help others process through these.

Four Paths to the Pier

Learn the 4 Types of Customer Journey that your readers, customers, and clients can take. This is really important because a lot of people focus on only one of these customer journies at the expense of potentially 90% of the people you can help & serve. You will also learn how to avoid getting lost in the “Bermuda Triangle” with people who want more information but aren’t yet ready to buy.

Legacy Content

How do you create, share, utilize and take advantage of legacy content as well as a new definition for what that is. This is all about taking the ideas in your book and turning that into publicly available content across a variety of formats and channels.

Map of Modalities

With the Map of Modalities you will attain a ninja level understanding of your ideal customer, as well as the specific language they use. This will help you position your book in terms of free content, something that people opt-in for, something people pay for with a granular level of detail with regards to the exact language your customers are using.

The Author’s Lighthouse

Here you will learn all about how to create your Author’s Lighthouse, the combination of content and marketing messages that reach your ideal readers wherever they are on their customer journey. Once your Lighthouse is built, it shines out your message to those looking for support, answers, information and resources. Then it guides them in to engaging with you in continually more impactful and profitable ways.